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Cute Corgi Dog Model Mini Building Blocks Puzzle Toys for Children Adult Beginner

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Color: Schnauzer dog

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Adorable Corgi Dog Mini Building Blocks - Perfect for Kids and Adults Alike

1. **Corgi Companion**: Explore the charm of our Corgi Dog Mini Building Blocks - a delightful model capturing the essence of this beloved breed. 

2. **Creative Play**: These mini blocks provide an engaging and creative playtime experience, suitable for both children and adults. Assemble your own miniature Corgi with ease.

3. **Perfect for Beginners**: If you're new to building blocks, these are an excellent choice. They offer a fun and manageable challenge for beginners while providing a rewarding end result.

4. **Hughes Dachshund Style**: Crafted with attention to detail, these blocks recreate the unique features of Hughes Dachshund Corgis, making them a must-have for pet enthusiasts.

5. **Quality Time Together**: Share the joy of building with friends and family. Constructing your mini Corgi is a wonderful bonding activity, fostering creativity and teamwork.

Experience the joy of building and the cuteness of Corgis with our Mini Building Blocks. They're perfect for beginners, pet lovers, and anyone seeking a fun and creative way to spend quality time with loved ones.

Feature of the blocks:

2,Educational Value 

According to the paper instructions to assemble, you can assemble into a variety of style, exercise the child's hand-brain skills and Improving patience.
A patient child can get things done.

3, Fun with family:
It is suitable for families to assemble together, while can promote communication among family members. Parent-child interaction, enhance parent-child relationship

4, A nice family decorations and collectibles :
Extremely amazing, when you put the blocks together. Then you can put it on the showcase or office desktop.

5, Great Gift Idea:
For any occasion such as New Year's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Children's Day, Easter, Halloween, Hanukkah, STEM, Summer Camp Activities, Back To School.

6, Kill the time:
Very nice pastime project .Get rid of loneliness.
Enjoying doing one or two steps each evening or weekend.

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F:How to assemble the product after purchasing?
Q:Assembly instructions are included in the product packaging. Some products also have assembly videos. With the help of the assembly instructions, you can easily assemble the model.

F:I am giving this product as a gift, is the product packaged?
Q:To save on shipping, lower prices. Product does not come in a carton unless otherwise stated. We pack the bricks in bags. If you need a box for a product, our store has a link to the box. You can also contact with us.

F:Are the particles of the product compatible with LEGO?
Q:The product is a micro block, there is no way to be compatible with LEGO.
It is smaller than the LEGO.
Including small parts, please pay attention to kids under 3 years old.

F:What should I do if the product received the goods is missing particles?
Q:Because we are factory direct. We will send you some extra pellets for backup. Lack of particles usually does not occur. We recommend that you use small cups to keep the pellets separate while assembling. If the particles are missing, please contact our customer service and we will reissue it for you.

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